Brides of Bath, Book 4 Releases Oct. 1

Many fans of my Brides of Bath series have been emailing me to ask when the fourth and final book of the series will be released. I’m happy to announce the book — now titled TO TAKE THIS LORD — is scheduled to come out Oct. 1. The first three books came out late May and early June and have been very popular.

Book 4 was published in 2004 in mass market paperback with the title AN IMPROPER PROPOSAL, which had nothing to do with the book. The editors had retitled it to give it a sexier feel.

I’m happy to say it got some pretty stunning reviews when it was originally published. Here are some of them:

Reviews of this book:

“does a wonderful job building simmering sexual tension between her opinionated,
outspoken heroine and deliciously tortured, conflicted hero.” – Booklist

 “5 Stars – highly recommended.” – Huntress Reviews

“Bolen’s writing has a certain elegance that lends itself to the era and creates the
perfect atmosphere for her enchanting romances.” – Romantic Times

“sexual tension sizzles.” – Happily Ever After

“an emotionally compelling novel that kept me reading well after midnight.” – In Print

 “a pleasant completion to the Brides of Bath series.” –The Best Reviews

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