Britain’s Top 10 Castles

Corfe Castle

The ruins of Corfe Castle, selected by British Heritage as Britain’s top castle.

Can you guess which castle British Heritage selected as the number one castle in the country? Sadly for me, it’s not one I’ve been to. It’s Corfe in Dorset. The “ruin” dates to the 11th century.


I can’t imagine it besting Tintagle, a magnificent Arthurian ruin on Cornwall’s rocky north coast. The Ten Best Castles in Britain were selected by the editors of British Heritage.

Tintagle (My favorite ruin)

Tintagle (My favorite ruin) did not make the Atop 10 list.


Three of the Top 10 I’ve toured – and loved: Arundel in West Sussex, coming in third; Dover Castle, at fifth; and Kent’s Hever Castle, called the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, at tenth.

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle


Hever Castle

Hever Castle

I’ve done a drive-by of two others: Stirling in Scotland, fourth; and Warwick Castle, which was selected eighth.


Rounding out the list were Conwy Castle in North Wales, second; Caerphilly Castle, also in Wales, at sixth; Alnwick in Northumberland, which celebrated 700 years as home of the Percy family, seventh; and Scotland’s Blair Castle at ninth.


4 thoughts on “Britain’s Top 10 Castles

  1. I’ve been to most of them–Corfe is so dramatic that I must think it has really captured the favor of the voters. Corfe has a special place for me–my Anglo-Norman hero supposedly died in captivity there.

  2. I love Arundel and Warwick both, but Corfe is special. It was held by Lady Mary Bankes against Cromwell’s troops througe 2 long sieges, In the first she started with only 5 defenders and finally slipped in 80, against 600. They were relieved by Royalist Troops having only lost 2, while the Cromwellians lost 100. Surrounded again Lady Mary held forth until she was tricked by an intruder who opened the Castle to the invaders. They allowed Lady Mary and her defenders to leave whereupon they destroyed the Castle. Would make a great romance? Hint, hint.

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